These works, whether open-air or underground, have always been a strong point of Impresa Luigi Notari.

Works include injection of resin and concrete solutions, jet grouting, drilling for the laying of foundation piles, micro-piles and tie-rods, rodding and riveting.

Impresa Luigi Notari uses Jumbo probes, sophisticated injection techniques (GIN method) and specialized staff to carry out work autonomously.

Impresa Luigi Notari also carries out specialist interventions with sprayed concrete (shotcrete) that has made it a leader in the European market for this technique during the excavations for the Pirelli skyscraper in Milan.

The long experience matured in this sector allowed Impresa Luigi Notari to be a constant reference point for designers, public bodies and private companies.

Technological progress allows the firm to use sophisticated robots that replace most human work.

The company carries out works with sprayed concrete for renovation and waterproofing of slopes, for mines, tunnels, channels, dam facings and structural reinforcements, also with special pre-mixed products.


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