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Active in Italy and abroad on behalf of the major Italian companies (Recchi, Girola Lodigiani, Farsura, Astaldi) and large institutions (ENEL, Ferrovie dello Stato, business engineering company, Anas, Autostrade cash for the Mezzogiorno) also contributed to the growth and development of the production capacity of the company.
The company cooperated in the first years of activity in the construction and renovation of the main aqueducts and plants (plants of the Middle Tagliamento - Somplago, Grosio-Lanzada, purple Fraele - Braulio in Valtellina, and Mathieu Lahodon Greece, Karakaya Turkey, etc..), construction of roads, highways and railways (MBnt White and San Bernardo Metro Milan etc..) and construction of civil and industrial buildings (Pirelli Tower in Milan). While implementing social policies, Luigi Notari was increasingly characterized by highly specialized works, even in a difficult environment and conditions.
Expertise, commitment and professionalism characterize the company Luigi Notari since its foundation in the 50s by Luigi Notari (9 January 1926). His dedication to work, his sense of duty, tenacity, entrepreneurship has always shaped the style of the company. Style that characterizes society despite the profound social, cultural and economic..

The Company SpA Luigi Notari was credited as the provider of trust and RFI ENEL, in recent years, and worked in Italy for the main institutions.
The company turned to the foreign market, the acquisition of contracts in Spain (ENEL, EON), Belgium (ENEL), Slovakia (Slovenské Elektrárne) and Switzerland (SBB-ASTRA).

Divisions have been opened in Spain, Belgium, Slovakia and Switzerland.

Espacially, we have now acquired in consortium with other companies (Consortium SaNoBa) some important work in Switzerland:

• With the Swiss Federal Railways, the new railway line Stabio-border Mendrisio, for the connection between Mendrisio and Malpensa.

• With the retrofit of the tunnel FEDRO Taverns (in progress).


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